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Pokies That Bring Both Money and Fun

We are now going to talk about a rare group of amazing pokies — the games that will reward you with fun, safe gaming experience, and most importantly, some money! Now, let’s see how you can recognize great pokies when you see them! How do you pick the best pokies out of the sea of good ones? Let’s start with the basics!

Crucial Question — What Makes Good Pokies Great Pokies?

Before we present you with a list of pokies with best payouts, we need to explain a few things. First of all, let’s answer the following question — Why is payout percentage so significant? It’s easy to assume that there are numerous factors involved in the assessment of pokies. Great pokies need to have an excellent design, some fantastic additional features, reliable software, and so on. So why is that RTP number so important? The answer is not as obvious as you might think.

We all know that RTP stands for that magic wagering percentage that ends up in the pockets of players. Many players might think that picking pokies with high RTP automatically means that they will earn more money from those games. However, things are not so black and white here. The RTP number is important; it’s extremely important, but it doesn’t guarantee you a win. Let’s elaborate on this.

Complex Nature of RTP

The payout percentage tells you how much money the house keeps and how much the players get. More precisely, RTP reveals you the percentage of all the bets that ends up in the players’ hands and the percentage of total bets that the casino gets. Now, when you see pokies with high RTP, it means that you’ve found generous games that tend to give a big percentage of total wagers to players. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ve found pokies that will bring money to you precisely. So if RTP is no guarantee of anything, why is it so important then?

Well, high RTP is important because it tells you that you’ve found a game from a respectable and reliable software provider that is featured at a generous casino. RTP tells a story about credibility more than of anything else. The bottom line is that you should look for pokies with high payouts but that you shouldn’t stop there. You should also look for other amazing features in pokies besides their high payout percentage. Why? Because RTP is not the only thing that influences your chances of winning. RTP is not the thing that can make you rich alone! What are those other things, you might ask. Let’s see!

Top 10 Important Things About Pokies

  1. Number of Paylines — A large number of paylines can significantly increase your chances of earning some money. This number is also something you should pay attention to when you look for pokies.
  2. RTP — In the second place on the list, there is the famous RTP number!
  3. Jackpot Type — Progressive jackpots are a very important and desirable feature because they are the ones that can change your life!
  4. Quality of Software — Game developers are also an important factor in the story. Reliable development companies will not make pokies that are not friendly towards players. Instead, these companies will make generous games that keep players interested in them.
  5. Gameplay Options — Additional play options also influence your winning chances. Let’s give an example! If a game has a speed play option, that means you can make a lot of spins literally in a few minutes. This is a great feature for when you are busy and don’t have time to play for a long time. So you can just spin the reels in a few seconds and win some money fast.

Immortal Romance Slot Online

Now that we have learned what can influence your chances of winning, let’s meet the best pokies with the best payouts!

Top 10 Pokies With the Best Payout Percentage

Three famous software companies made it to our top ten list of the best pokies. We’ve assembled the list according to RTP, the type of jackpot, and number of paylines. Now, let’s explore the chart below, and see which pokies can bring you the most money!


Title Best Feature(s) Number of Reels Paylines Software
Immortal Romance 96.86% RTP 5 243 Microgaming
Cosmic Quest II Mystery Planets 98% RTP 5 20 Rival
Coyote Cash 95% RTP/Progressive Jackpot 5 25 RTG
Break da Bank 95.75% RTP 3 5 Microgaming
Aztec’s Millions 95% RTP/Progressive Jackpot 5 25 RTG
HellBoy 96.5% RTP 5 20 Microgaming
Cash Bandits 2 Progressive Jackpot 5 25 RTG
Big Kahuna 96.16% RTP/Jackpot 500 5 9 Microgaming
Cleopatra’s Gold 95% RTP/Progressive Jackpot 5 20 RTG
Pay Dirt 95% RTP 5 25 RTG

From Microgaming’s Immortal Romance to RTG’s Cleopatra’s Gold, we’ve covered popular, reliable, and well-designed pokies with the highest payouts. All the games that earned a place in our chart above are a breeze to find at popular online casinos. So you can find each of these top ten online slots easily and just enjoy playing them!

Final Words

Just like old-school pokie machines, online pokies also have their own RTPs. It’s important to find out the RTP number of the game you want to play, but as we’ve seen, that’s not the only important thing you should watch out for. Online casino games have many aspects that you should pay attention to — there’s a number of paylines, jackpots, free spins features, and many other things that we’ve talked about. Also, you should note that, on a large scale, online casinos’ payouts can differ, so that’s yet another thing you should think about.

Australian online casinos tend to have high RTPs, but nevertheless, you should check that info yourself, just to be sure. Also, land-based casinos feature pokies and table games with different payouts. So this RTP number is not something that is so crucial for online casinos exclusively; it’s a number that is important in the gambling world in general.

However, we have learned here that besides RTP, you should pay attention to bonuses, paylines, and jackpots as well. The number of paylines can increase your odds of winning some real money from time to time. However, this feature, a big number of paylines, often just increases your chances of occasionally winning some modest or decent amounts of money. So if you want to win big and change your life completely, then chase after pokies with progressive jackpots! Remember, playing online gambling games can be lucrative if you play smart!

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